Oren Lavie

"During the work with Ori i felt that he has that quality that is so important in a producer: he has good taste! He will be able to feel what works best for the song and what doesn't, he will be able to point out what is true to the song and what isn't, what sounds good and what doesn't. That's really all any artist can hope for in a good collaborator, and that's what makes Ori a real artist's producer."

Tal Cohen Shalev

"Ori was a pleasure to work with. I consider it a privilege to have worked with him and to have gained from his professional and personal wisdom along the way.
Ori gives his heart and soul to his projects and It showed in the ultimate result of his work on my album Nowhere That You Know.
He is an all around swell guy and a fantastic producer. It has been a fun, educational and professional experience, and the album would not have been as good without his input." - Tal Cohen Shalev


"The fact that Ori agreed to work with us is really an honor to NiCad. We are very lucky to have his guidance and work ethic motivating us through the entire recording process. Ori is truly a genuine music lover with a passion for devoting himself entirely to achieving a masterpiece. He even came all the way to our hometown in The Hague to take part in the recording process there. When our band has a disagreement, Ori brings the big picture to the table, shows us where we meet, and provides the solution in a way were everyone's expectations are fulfilled. I strongly recommend for anyone who is lucky enough to gain his musical interest to take the opportunity to work with him, and learn from him. " Nicad on the production of their upcoming album "For The Good"

Avishai Cohen

"Ori is the best mo-fo around, Whenever I’m in Israel he will be my first call , for either studio work or for a live situation.
Ori understands what a lot of people miss: in order to make the music the best , you need to make the artist feel the best. Such a pleasure working with him in the studio, so relaxed, so to the point, always helping you in the right direction, with positive approach and good vibes." - Avishai Cohen

Asaf Avidan

Asaf Avidan

" Your Ears , heart and a couple of over-worked neutrons in that vault of goodness you call a brain, were the precious fuel this album was made with. Thanks for pouring your time and knowledge onto us for the sake of good music." - Asaf Avidan about the making of "The Reckoning".

David Ivory

“Ori is such a pleasure to work with, as a musician he is groove oriented and very knowledgeable, as a producer he knows what he wants and was quite a help in making my job easier." - David Ivory - About producing Coolooloosh "Elements Of Sound".

Carlie Fairburn

"Working in the studio with Ori was truly inspiring. His expansive musical
knowledge and talent for hearing the greatest potential of a song, combined
with his passion and dedication, made the recording of our EP an incredible
Ori has the sensitivity to see and feel exactly what each musician needs
to pull out their best and to capture the magic often hard to catch in the studio.
A true professional, he clearly communicates his vision for the project, yet is
spontaneous to follow new ideas as they flow.
Ori has patience, smiles and encouragement in endless supply, a
rare gift, that makes studio time with him a pure pleasure.
Devoted to the music, he gives it all and...you can hear it." - Carlie Fairburn


“Working with Ori was a very insightful experience, When you are working intensively at the studio it is very rare to work with someone who has such great emotional intelligence, who can get the best out of you in any given moment and has the ability to always look at the big picture. On top of all that - Ori’s complete and sincere devotion to the music and the project is a rare find indeed." – Nir Leist , Kitzu - About the making of "Hole"


“Even though the Groovatron is a definite band that already produced 2 records independently , we happily devoted ourselves to the working process with Ori Winokur that had a sharp , fresh & objective ear , fascinating musical knowledge, communication skills and patience that made him an integral part of the band and the song" Dror Ahava Romem – The Groovatron